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This dedication recognizes the individuals who have created and contributed to the Perpetual Endowment Fund for the Community Scholarship Foundation.  Each in their special way has invested themselves in the future of La Cañada youth.  By their generosity, these very important people have planted the seeds of support to enable our organization to provide scholarships to deserving young men and women in our community.  These incredible people are our “Tree of Life”. 

Endowment Fund Donors

Al and Maria Sun
Charles and Tammi Woodhouse
Charlie Plowman
Craig and Janna Gosselin
Dana Hobart
Don and Jo Seastrom
Doug and Ann Drummond
Dr. Donald C. Ziehl
Dr. Paul and Beverly Toffel
Dr. Skip and Deborah Hudson
Ed and Connie Moulton
Frank and Rita Gooch
Frank Magill
Gene and Carolyn Stoeckly
George and Janine Ajalat
James and Sue Stauffer
James Leonhard
Jim Davis Honorarium
John Kelsey Honorarium
Kathryn Benyon Foundation
Keith and Tracy Tobias
Ken and Lori Gorvetzian
Kim and Ginger Caldwell
Larry and Linda Bryant
Laura Hobart
Mark Ritts and Teresa Parente
Marshall and Karen Mathison
Maud E. Nelson Memorial
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kobeissi
Mrs. Frank Dudenhoeffer
Mrs. Jack Hastings
Mrs. Joe DuPlain
Mrs. John Edwards
Mrs. John Hollingsworth
Mrs. Paul Rickershauser
Mrs. Peter Brown
Mrs. Robert Lord
Mrs. Roger Barkley
Philip and Wendy Wyatt
Richard Farmer
Richard Heppe
Rod and Robin Dorman
Ruediger and Cecilia Kaesler
William and Judi Shupper
Zelta and James Reynolds

CFS thanks the afore mentioned for their generosity and dedication to La Canada youth.